Myter, eventyr og virkelighet

Galleri VOX er en arbeidsplass for kunstnere og kreative personer med psykiske lidelser. I dag er det åpningen av utstillingen «Myter, eventyr og virkelighet».
5. april 2018


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This phase lasts 4 days and is without doubt the most unusual and counter-intuitive. So much so that I started to research it myself just to be sure keto resource guide I was doing the right thing! Fortunately I discovered that it wasn’t as wacky as I thought and there was indeed some solid science behind this phase of the plan.
I did find this phase quite challenging as it was the first where I’d had to calculate the calories I was eating. I discovered that it’s fairly easy keto nutrition resource to get calories values off the internet for just about any food you could think about and then it’s just a question of using weighing scales (more accurate than cup measures) to make sure your portion sizes are correct.
I didn’t lose quite as much weight as I expected on this phase, but I think it was because I didn’t start weighing things until the 3rd day when ketogenic diet resource pdf I noticed that my previous estimates of how much I should eat were way off base.


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Along with The Manifestation Magic, I also received the e-books The Laws of Wealth Manifestation and the Manifestation Mastermind, Manifestation Magic PDF as well as the 5 Minute Motivation Supercharger audio pack—just what I needed—and another bonus on top of that!


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