Norges første reptilmesse arrangeres på Forus

Det er duket for slanger og andre reptiler under landets første reptilmesse på Forus denne helgen. Vi fikk nærkontakt med en kongepyton i dette intervjuet. 
15. november 2018


My advice, firstly, would be to do all you can to accommodate the dog. Not to sound pedantic, but have you tried allergy medications? There's a ton of them. If that doesn't work, would your Colombian boyfriend be willing to keep the dog outside? Or brush it every day (which this page says is good for allergy sufferers)? If you make the effort, and show your boyfriend that you've done everything in your power to let him keep his beloved pet, then he'll be a lot more likely to send it off to die in a pound cell when you finally ask him to. Which, let's face it, is the inevitable outcome here. J/K!!! Lolz!


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Leo Picasso

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