Vil lage verdens beste ost

I begynnelsen av november kommer oste-VM til Grieghallen. Vi har truffet en av deltakerne, Bo Jensen.
3. oktober 2018


lack Friday is usually more often thought of as a time to buy gadgets and TVs, but there are also great deals on books, the oldest gadget of them all. Book sales tend to work a little differently than other deals — instead of specific stuff going on sale, you’re looking at category-wide discounts.

GATE Instrumentation books

GATE Mechanical books

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it simply has to be a book sold by Amazon, you have to get your order in before 2:59AM ET on November 27th, and it’s limited to one per customer. But if there’s a fancy cookbook or box set collection you’ve been eying for a while, now’s a good time to buy.


For some of us, the sound of our own voice can make us cringe when we hear it in a recording or when we speak to someone over the Internet. If surgery to the vocal cords isn't your thing, you can at least make your voice sound better over the microphone with specialized software. A good example is Clownfish Voice Changer Software mainly because it can change your voice without too much hassle.


Many iPhone users want to access the iMessage application on their personal or workplace computers. Thus, enabling them to chat with friends and family across all types of devices. But not everybody is privileged; those handfuls of users with Windows PCs at home and especially at work find it impossible to access their iMessage.

iMessage App for windows

iMessage for window PC

Apple users have this common misconception that there is a browser-based online service for iMessage. Thus making it easy for everyone to have round the clock access to their iMessage app. Currently, there seems no such service available for getting iMessages online for the simple reason that Apple wants to limit its services to its own devices and computers.


CLAT counseling will take place between the time starting from 7th June 2018 to 30th June 2018. The fee of Rs 50,000 will have to be deposited and the first merit list students will have to lock the seat or apply for seat-shifting. Second merit list The second merit will be decided on 16th June 2018.

Best CLAT coaching centres/classes in Ajmer

CLAT sample question papers with answers

CLAT sample papers with solutions

CLAT syllabus for PG, LLM, LLB

CLAT Previous year question papers

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is an all India entrance examination conducted annually CLAT Exam Pattern has not seen any major changes over the year. The second merit list students have to lock seat or shift the seat by 19th June 2018 and have to pay the counseling fee of Rs. 50,000.